for Philadelphia and Vicinity

About the German American Committee of Philadelphia

Mission Statement:

Our objective is to encourage all German-Americans in the region, whether immigrants or descendants, to be proud of their ethnic origin and to give them public and private opportunities to express their pride and celebrate their German heritage.  We will do this by promoting harmonious, organized and supportive relationships amoung all German-American groups, and providing a forum for open dialogue.

In addition, we will provide a positive image to the non-German-American public, emphasizing the richness of German culture and heritage.

About the German American Committee of Philadelphia:

The German-American Committee of Philadelphia and Vicinity is the Umbrella Organization of the many German clubs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Our main function is the publication of the Calendar of Events each year, which contains the Member Organizations, ads, as well as all the organization dates for that year.

The German-American Committee also hosts German-American Day each October at the German Society. In 2019 the date is Friday, October 4, 5pm.

A LITTLE HISTORY: The first Germans came to Philadelphia from Krefeld, Germany on the ship “Concord”, by invitation of William Penn.  They arrived in 1683, and subsequently founded Germantown.

The German Immigration Tercentennial was in 1983. It started in Krefeld, Germany on June, 1983, and was attended by Philadelphia’s Mayor William Green. The celebration was continued in Philadelphia in October 1983, with Krefeld’s Mayor Putzhoven in attendance.  To celebrate 300 years of Germans in Philly, the Post Office issued a Commemorative Stamp.  There was a also Banquet attended by Vice-President Bush and a big parade with the infamous 12 man bike the Krefelder’s brought over from Germany.  The bike still has a home in Philadelphia, and attends many Parades.